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Project Budgets

Have you or your clients been considering a project and the final version has yet to be agreed upon? Or the project is only at the early planning stages and options on layouts / specifications / desired finishes are still not chosen or maybe even not have been thought of yet.

As a part of the many decisions to be made related to the possible options, budgets and the financial effects of these options, we can play an important part in the evolution of the project to ensure that it is cost engineered.

We can prepare budgets / forecasts and advise on the overall costs of a project, parts of the project, individual specification choices or any options being considered.  So that an informed and appropriate decision can be taken on the development of the project and the settling of its final form which should then fulfil your requirements but be within an expected budget.

Development Feasibilities

With the above if a development is being considered with a view to its eventual sale then an overall development feasibility is essential.

Often prepared from outline particulars when few details are finalised it is important to ensure that all aspects and likely sources of costs have been considered.

We can offer specialist advice and budgeting information based upon concepts and outline information right up to the point of making a bid for the development land or property.


Once the working drawings for the project have been produced and the specifications agreed. Then the next likely step is the production of a Bill of Quantities.

Whether you are a client or architect wishing to send out a tender to a contractor, or you are a contractor who is tendering based upon a set of drawings and specification, then a BOQ is an essential document to ensure that any tenders are comparable and clear.

We can prepare the whole package from initial takeoffs, through working up to preparing final Bills of Quantities for your project. The level of details is up to you either full NRM2 /SMM7 Bills of Quantities with Preliminaries and Specifications or Builders appropriate quantities or a simple itemised schedule of work.


If you are a contractor or subcontractor and you have received an invitation to tender, then we can assist in the production of this.

If you have drawings only then a Bill of Quantities as in Pre-Contract can be prepared, or your client may have had them produced.

From the tender information received in whatever format we can provide a full tender service from the initial stages of obtaining quotations and prices for all the resources needed to carry out the work, through to final preparation of the prices and issuing the tender with covering letters, clarifications and / or conditions of offer you are happy with.

Tender Negotiations

If you are a client and have either via ourselves or independently received tenders from contractors, we can advise on the comparison of offers, the clarification of conditions suggested by tenderers leading to an eventual “like for like” set of prices. Enabling you to finally make an informed decision as to which tenderer you should select.

If you are a contractor / subcontractor and are under consideration for a contract, then we can oversee and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the client understands any clarification you have made and why, and then agree the way forward, amend prices and thus arrive at a sum that is acceptable to both parties for the work they require.

Design / Project Co-ordination

During the design process, you will be faced with dealing with any number of specialists to deliver your project.

We can take the hassle away from you by carrying out the design coordinators role through to the final design stage. Thus ensuring that your initial brief is attained whilst still accommodating all the needs, requirements and regulations to be followed in association with all of the different specialists involved. Whilst keeping an eye on any budgetary / financial implications of the design process.

CDM Co-ordinator

Linked to this role is the need to ensure that your development is compliant with Health & Safety requirements. This is carried out by the CDM Coordinator who is required to be involved from the early design stages.

As the client, you have a legal obligation to appoint somebody for this role and compliance with the CDM regulations.

Project Management

Another option for the procurement of the project you desire is to appoint us as project managers. We will then take charge of all the foregoing and manage your contract right through to completion. Offering you the complete “turn key package” from your initial conceptual ideas through to the handover of your project.


This was the first time we had undertaken such a complex building project, and Steve was recommended to us by our architect for the crucial role of QS. We have been extremely pleased with everything that Steve has done for us, and his extensive experience and professionalism has proved invaluable. In particular, his constant liaising between all parties meant that there were "no nasty surprises", and everything was dealt with efficiently and calmly. We certainly needed someone who we could trust, and who would deliver; and Steve scored 10/10. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Martin Pollard

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